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Tetration Analytics


Pervasive Visibility

Hardware and software sensors collect telemetry data at line rate. Search tens of billions of flow records with natural-language techniques. Get actionable insights in less than a second.

App Insight

Identify application groups and their communication patterns and service dependencies. Get an automated white-list policy recommendation for a zero-trust model.


Policy Compliance

Assess the impacts of a white-list policy before applying it in the production network. Then continuously monitor the network for compliance deviations and identify them in minutes.

Massive Scalability

Collect telemetry from every packet in the data center. Analyze millions of events and gets actionable insights from billions of records in seconds. It retains data over the long term without loss of granularity.

Know the Now

Real-time analytics and forensics into all events in the data center

Data Center Time Machine

The Tetration Analytics platform delivers visibility across everything in your data center in real time. It uses hardware and software sensors to give you behavior-based application insight with deep forensics. Get a highly secure and reliable zero-trust model. Dramatically simplify your operations. Migrate applications faster. Make changes intelligently.

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How it works

Designed for simple, out of the box installation, Tetration Analytics platform can be easily deployed in hours with no big data expertise required. Gain insight into complex multi-tier application in minutes. Explore each application in light of real-time telemetry data straight from the Tetration Analytics dashboard. Generate zero-trust white-list security policies and perform compliance checks with ease.

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Customer Feedback

Learn what customers think about Tetration Analytics at Cisco Live Vegas 2016

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